Cinderella’s shoes!













Every girl wants to have at least one perfect pair of heels – like Cinderella’s shoes! Of course, today these are not glass shoes (picture on top left). But can be Jimmy Choo’s (picture on top right)! Probably most of women would invest in one special pair of heels for a special occasion (wedding, new year’s eve, birthday…). And we say, why not? Shoes can be like a little piece of art, just that you don’t put them next to your TV or on the shelf in dining room. You wear them! And you are proud of being the owner!

These little pieces of art really give special touch to every outfit a woman wears. We could not imagine for example a little black dress without statement shoes. NO! Or cute wedding heels under your wedding dress (picture on bottom left). It really doesn’t matter that they probably would stay invisible for the audience, hiding under your gown. But you feel good in them, that’s what matters! What about a little “bling-bling” on new year’s eve while wearing silver beauties (picture bottom right)? These never go out of style.

This is not fashion, it’s art! So if you still didn’t find your Cinderella’s shoes, what are you waiting? Go, go, go, find your little piece of heaven, and don’t forget they should represent you and only you!

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