Comfy robe!

Usually a comfy house robes associate us to the ones with the holes, the wrong belt and the excessive lint. Doesn’t sound like something you would like wear, does it?

Lately, I have seen quite cute and very much wearable house robes. And I started to think, why not have one for myself. There is so much situations that happen to me every day (especially now when colder days and nights are becoming more and more usual) where I could feel comfy and even nice and sexy wearing a robe.


Just look at these cute pieces:


There are several pros why to buy a comfy house robe for yourself. Robes make wonderful quick cover-ups when company unexpectedly arrives and catches you in your pajamas. They are also convenient to slip on after showering or bathing. In the wintertime, robes help create a blanket of warmth that can be worn around the house. You can always match it with slippers in the same color or pattern to have the whole home outfit. So why not give it a try.

What do you think? Robes, YAY or NAY?

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