Floral print shoes!

Floral print shoes are this year’s utterly feminine trend!

The floral print trend exploded into fashion stardom last year, with delicate blossom prints and vivid, oversized flower patterns. It seems as if when warmer weather begins to hit, the need to “lighten up” our style comes along with it. Most of us start highlighting our hair, wearing pastels, and embracing a girlier, more feminine aesthetic. Floral prints are a great incarnation of this feminine spring style, and lucky for us, they’re super trendy!

Floral print shoes are perfect for spring and summer, and ideal for adding a feminine touch to nearly any outfit. Also if you want to bring a bit of color into your wardrobe — go for these cute shoes. Flower print shoes look beautiful with jeans, skirts, sun dresses, maxi dresses and many more.


While searching the shoe stores recently, I have found a range of floral-patterned shoes! Plenty of styles, designs, patterns, colors and sizes are available. Have a look at my favorites:


  • River Island Topaz Floral Print Maryjanes at ASOS
  • GERANIUM Flower Pointed Courts at TOPSHOP

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