Leather pants!

Usually associated with Rock n’ Roll, leather pants have taken a fashionable turn into hot  pieces for celeb fashion. Leather pants have become a popular option for celebrities to wear on a summer day. A lot of celebs have been spotted wearing the trend.

Alessandra Ambrosio has also been seen recently wearing the leather pants (on the left). She dressed them up with a white t-shirt with print, white studded jacket on top  and grey oversized scarf.

Kim Kardashian (on the right) has been spotted on multiple occasions wearing the trend, but most recently in Paris while visiting her boyfriend, Kanye West, on his Watch the Throne tour. She dressed them up with a white-lace, v-neck top that fitted every curve on her body.

Not only are they relaxing, leather pants provide a comfortable yet fashionable element for traveling. Some great looks to go with the pants are blazers, pumps/flats or a loose tunic-like top. Leather pants provide a level of comfort, add a fashionable aspect to one’s outfit and give a person a sleek and slimming look. It seems that leather pants are the new leggings of fashion.

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