Messy braid!

The gods of summertime hair have blessed us with one of the easiest and sexiest hairstyle trends: the messy side braid!


With the heat and humidity, all we want to do is get our hair out of our faces and off of our sweaty necks. The genius behind the style is right in the name: messy. No need for perfection here. In fact, an overly smoothed, orderly braid will have you looking a little too Pocahontas or prim and proper school girl.




To create a side braid, start beneath the ear and separate three strands of hair, or more if you’re feeling adventurous. Weave these strands together by slipping one strand between the other strands. Tug on the “elbows” of the braid to loosen/flatten and soften the braid.  This is called “pancaking” the braid. In the end, curl any loose pieces of hair to frame your face. Remember, the braid  is supposed to be messy!


This is also the perfect second-day hairstyle for a quick rush out the door.




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