Neon shoes!

What do you think about this new trend – neon color shoes? Hot or not? Neon shoes have been everywhere, on and off the red carpet and we can’t get enough of them!

What about matching them with this simple outfit – black shorts and simple white shirt. Without shoe accent this outfit sounds boring. But neon shoes surely bring some special touch to any outfit. Whatever your style is, make a bold statement with super-cute neon shoes.

Jimmy Choo was one of the first who brought us these cool neon heels. He made the heels in neon yellow, neon green, neon pink, neon orange, and neon blue. If you like this neon trend but you don’t feel like buying one of Jimmy Choo’s here I have found a super simple DIY project – DIY (super easy) Neon Jimmy Choo’s. It’s definitely worth of trying!


Also, have a look at the new Mango collection – WERELSE for MANGO Touch. Three international bloggers known under the name WERELSE have styled neon colored collection for MANGO and they did it great!

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