Scarf accent!

As the weather starts to turn and our wardrobe shifts, certain pieces take more prominent roles in our closet.

The scarf is another classic investment piece, originally designed to keep you warm and cozy. So where’s the trend? Its position in fashion has been changing. In recent years, the scarf has become less of a necessity and more of an accessory.

Now considered appropriate regardless of season, today, the scarf is on a similar level with statement jewelry or a great bag. It’s a finishing piece that adds another layer (both literally and figuratively) to your outfit.

Beautiful fashion blogger Cath is showing us in many of her posts on her blog Cath in the city how to wear a statement scarf. She loves to wear all her scarves for different reasons and in different ways. And I can tell you, all her outfits look fabulous. For you inspiration check out her post about one of her outfit ideas containing a scarf.


And of course, have a look at some of my picks for a beautiful statement scarves:

  • Somir tube scarf from Pieces
  • So Taffy Together Scarf in Lemon from ModCloth
  • Hellen Scarf from Monki
  • Women’s Bawdy Striped Multi Coloured Scarf from Van Mildert
  • Cable Pom Pom Scarf from Topshop


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