Sequin motion!

This season is all about SPARKLE MOTION! Sequins is not only a trend that transcends the holidays any more but also this time of year. I am sure that even the most conservative among us can’t resist!



The fancy and sparkly fashion phenomenon needs to be done simply and it will make a strong fashion statement. It is a good advice to stick to only one sequined item per outfit. So remember that tip because after all, you want the sequins to be the focus. It is definitely not a good idea to look as a disco ball. Match sequined pieces with wardrobe staples like jeans and t-shirts to achieve the perfect blend of glam and low-key. Also keep in mind that balance is the key.

Sequined pieces accessorize with a sleek black clutch and simple stud earrings, for example. Since sequins are such bold pieces, go minimal on the accessories. If you are not ready to wear sequined clothing yet, try incorporating a sequined accessory like shoes, bag or clutch or a headband.



So, what do you think about this sparkling trend? Would you wear something like that and go party rocking or would you rather keep the simplicity?


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