The shift!













Lately, the shift has been hanging tight. The influence of sporty techno-stretch textiles and figure-flattering jersey was responsible for dresses that fit with a body-hugging simplicity. But as you can see, there appears to have been a shift, so to speak, ingeniously printed patterns, colorful hues, and sparkly details benefit from a little more room to breathe. You will too.

First check out Diane Kruger in Vanessa Bruno, Dianna Agron in Louis Vuiton (at the top), Gwyneth Paltrow in Stella McCartney and Dakota Fanning in Marc Jacobs (below).

And than, find your perfect shift dress…


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  1. Lucimario says:

    Love your braid! I’ve always wtaned a fish braid starting from the top but I can’t do it on myself. My cousin tried doing it once bu it looked like a birds nest on my head lol it was a mess. I love how yours came out! The hair tie on top & then cutting it, sounds like a good technique! I’ve never heard of that before.

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