Yes to leggings!

We fell in love with them in the ’80s and we’re still smitten with them today. Whether they’re printed, leather, studded or check, we’re mad about leggings and all their transformations. When in doubt, leggings can be the statement, simple and, importantly, most comfortable way to go!

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, leggings are here to stay (at least for another season) and, like sunglasses, sandals and sun dresses, they’ve managed to find their way into every girl’s summer wardrobe. I personally love leggings. When done right, they can look hip, fashionable and effortless. Done wrong, they are the epitome of tacky, shabby and, at times, vulgar.

It means you must follow one simple rule: wear tops that go past the buttocks. Think tasteful mini-skirt as a cut-off. The point is to avoid the potential for overexposure. No one is interested in seeing your hip bones, VPL or, heaven forbid, camel toe and believe me, we can see it all. Try leggings paired with a long, flowy top, an oversized button-down or long, punk-inspired t-shirt. Thick, unshiny fabrics like double knits don’t show bulges. Longer tops (at least to midthigh) camouflage tush, stomach, and hips. Leggings can look tacky with the wrong footwear. I prefer flats, boots, or a low heel.

So I say YES to leggings—comfortable, cool-looking, body-friendly:
  • Floral Print Leggings from Pull&Bear
  • Heart Print Leggings from ShopBop
  • Tribal Aztec Flock Leggings from TopShop
  • Edita Long Leggings from Pieces
  • Milky Way Leggings from NastyGal
  • Leggings In Mono Stripe Print from ASOS


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